L.S.E.C.C. Alencon 7th May 2011
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Well Alencon is the first race I have had with the London and South East Classic Club for many years. Whilst this is not exactly the form of racing I would prefer I am extremely grateful to the Club for allowing us to join and beyond that I have a great deal of time and respect for the Clubs President, Keith Mott, who does an enormous amount of work not only for the Club but the sport in general.

I had intended to send the late bred yearlings to this race, as I feel it is less testing than a BBC race of similar distance, but I am not confident they are at all ready and so it will be the Barcelona and Tarbes teams to have their second "training race". The main and really only object here is to get them some good race distance as part of the getting fit programme for the real races to come. Where they finish is not important as there will be many good middle distance pigeons flying to a fairly restricted area and our team is not really up to that sort of competition however it will give them a test and hopefully it will assist fitness.

Alencon, as you will see, is situated a little deeper into France and just a little east of Carentan. This means they will have a longer run before hitting the channel, which frankly I prefer and if they hit an east wind over the sea, as they did last week, it will not be quite as full on. Whatever the conditions it should provide a good run out.

6th May: - Well marking went well at South Ockendon where they had about 500 birds apparently with about 1,800 in the race. The weather is a little questionable but hopefully we should get liberation tomorrow and the wind should be behind them. The whole 14 forming the Barcelona and Tarbes teams have been sent.

Saturday 7th May  0830

A complex weather situation faces us this morning. After many days of fine settled conditions, heavy showers some of them thundery have disrupted our weather early this morning. I have been monitoring these showers as they migrate up from France across the channel during the early hours of this morning. (see image below)  The south east of England will see the drier conditions with central regions experiencing the heavy showers. But all is not doom and gloom as some good weather is following on behind from France presenting a window of good weather for those organisations racing from France. Showers will always be a feature today as they could crop up anywhere in southern England. Winds are light over land from the southeast but are stronger over the open sea.

The LSECC are at Alencon and the Solent Federation at Fougeres. As the morning progresses the flight path to England will improve with racing taking place.
Steve Appleby
Saturday 6th May 2010 no news of liberation thus far 0845

Well I at last found the script below on the L.S.E.C.C. web site at 1340 after having looked at the site all morning. You need to re-load this site each time you visit otherwise it does not change. What actually caused me to look again at this time was the fact that a pigeon had arrived at 13.00.43 and I only noticed it at this time. As it happened I just missed the time to verify it but fortunately that was of no matter as this is only a training toss.

Alencon liberation 9.15am in a light South East wind.
The convoyer reported the birds were liberated with sun on the baskets and cleared the site in 1 batch heading North. Birds were out of sight within 2-3 minutes.
The channel has cleared and there is a clear flight path.
Good Luck to all.  Terri
You will see below the large gap, 1.5 hours, between the first bird and the second. The first was in quite good time and, as you can see further below, would have been about 58th Open and 15th Section provisionally. When the others decided to arrive they came through reasonably close together. Outstanding at this time are 141 which is unexplained and 161 which perhaps is.