B.B.C. Carentan 29th April 2011
Both the Barcelona and the Tarbes Teams, 14 in all,  have been entered for marking at Walkern on Thursday 28th April. This the first training race of the year, from Carentan,  and I must admit I would have preferred something  a little deeper in to France, not too much but just a little further to give them  more of a run to the sea. However that said the main objective here is for them to have a good fly and get the exercise that helps them on the way to fitness. Time and position are largely irrelevant.

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The liberation point however looks to provide a good clear start to the race and so we hope for good weather to set them on their way.
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Friday 29th April 2011.
No liberation at this stage due to slight rain at site but this is hoped to improve and an update will be provided at 0915.

Steve Appleby

29th April 0830

The BBC are racing from Carentan today. Weather conditions will improve as the morning moves on. Full cloud cover is affecting the Cherboug peninsula and channel but is forecast for breaks to develop with some sunny intervals. Showery activity will come and go during the morning but generally allow a race to take place provided conditions at the race point are good.
The northeast winds in the Channel will obviously have a bearing on the success of the race.


Weather : Cloudy at first then some sunny periods. Risk of showers.

Max : 15 C

Visibility : Good, occasionally moderate.

Wind : Northeast light F3 to moderate F4, backing north later.

0915 Update.

293 members have sent 2,651 pigeons. The rain has stopped but still not fit for liberation update at 1115

1115 Update.

Held over to 30/4/2011.

Saturday 30th April 2011

Liberation at 1105 into a North East wind.

Steve Appleby

Saturday 30th April

Updated 11:00

Due to improved conditions liberations now clear to go ahead.


The BBC are at Carentan and the BICC are racing from Falaise today. Weather conditions are much the same as yesterday as fog is affecting areas along the French coast and Cherboug Peninsula. This of course will result in poor visibility which has been confirmed by the Channel Island Met Office. Also full cloud cover over the respective race points. (see image below) Conditions are set to improve hopefully before flying time runs out. The sun is shining over southeast England but from Southhampton to the West Country  cloud and some isolated showers are evident.


Weather :   Low cloud with mist or fog patches at first, then sunny periods developing. Slight risk of a shower.

Max :  19 C

Visibility :  Moderate locally poor or very poor but improving.

Wind :   East backing northeast light F2 to 3, increasing moderate F4 this afternoon.
Thursday 28th April 2011.
Marking went well at Walkern and it was nice to get a good look at the new crates and transporter. The crates are of Italian manufacture and appear to be both strong and easy to clean etc. They stack well on themselves and so dispense with the need for racking. The vehicle seems to be splendid. Nigel says that it provides a very comfortable, smooth ride and as the sides are made from a strong material that allows air flow but reduces and virtually eliminates any wind effect it seems to provide a very light, airy atmosphere for the birds. This atmosphere will be constantly monitored from several points throughout the vehicle and the trailer and provide a read out in the cab. 
11.08 UK
Well quite a succesful race, as a training race, under the circumstances. There is no doubt that the wind made it a fairly testing day for a first race of the year but as you can  see below the team came through quite well.
TEAM RML lofts about here.
Carentan about here