B.B.C. Messac 12th May 2012
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This week it is Messac 276 miles and 18 yards and the latebred yearlings will go for their second and hopefully final race this year. The race entries all round are considerably down thus far reflecting, as I understand, large losses in many areas. In view of this I am pleased with the seven yearling cocks that really came through quite well. Carentan was quite a test for them having to break off from a strong wind. We can only hope that the test this week is a little more moderate.

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10th May 2012

Our TEAM of 18 that is 11old birds, the full team minus the Mealy, together with 7 yearlings were successfully marked for this race. They all seem fit and well and the weather for a change looks hopeful. Numbers for this race are really down on previous years and this, it would seem, because many throughout the country have sustained huge losses in these past few weeks. Added to this was a disastrous accident with the entries from the Channel Islands when a fox got to them in the night whilst in transit.
GB 09 J 31665  Blue Cheqeur Cock                 16-36-14   941.005
GB 10 K 47178  Blue Cheqeur Cock                16-36-17   940.913
GB 07 V 44141  Dark Pied Cock                      18-05-00   802.939
GB 10 K 47202  Blue Cheqeur Cock                18-39-01   760.196

Fortunately more arrived next morning:

GB 08 R 45948  Blue Cheqeur Cock                06-24-52   525.241
GB 09 J 31664  Blue Cheqeur Cock                  07-47-56   481.954
GB 10 K 47175  Blue Cock                              08-25-15   464.748
GB 11 T 24315  Blue Cheqeur Cock                 08-30-08   462.587
GB 11 T 24310  Blue Cheqeur Cock                 08-46-55   455.310
GB 09 J 31666  Blue Cheqeur Cock                 09-17-00   442.824
GB 09 J 31661  Blue Pied Cock                       09-53-18   428.640
GB 05 N 07222  Red Pied Cock                       13-56-24   352.934

With 07222 bringing up the rear meaning we had 5 yearlings and the No. one pigeon for Tarbes still adrift. The image below of the Provisional BBC Result mapped and grouped by velocity gives a good indication of the flight path with the leading Red velocities occupying the western side and going well to the North.
Saturday 12th May 2012

For a change the weather was good with a bright sun and clear skies. The liberation was held for a while to allow the sun to warm the air and liberated at 0800 in to a NNE wind. The wind clearly played a large part in this race and made it quite a tough test over on this eastern side, with only four timed on the day.