B.B.C. Niort 9th June 2012
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Well the TEAM RML entry for Niort is confined to the Barcelona Team as the Tarbes Team will be going to their main race very soon. The Barcelona Team now consists of 6 pigeons, having dropped GB09J31664 at Tours, and while they have had a testing time in the training races thus far they all seem quite bouncy and ready.

The race point, as you can see below, is a nice open spaced area which should provide a good start for their 365 mile journey home, let us hope that the weather is kinder than it has been of late.

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Saturday 9th June 2012

Well we have a liberation at 0610 into a light WSW wind which remains light through France. The wind strengthens at the coast and is quite strong in the channel so we shall have to watch for that later.

We have sent our full Barcelona Team less GB09J31664  "EADGAR", who we dropped at Tours and who has not returned, so we now have a Team of 6. Hopefully this race will not prove too testing as they deserve a good run home after the races we have had.
5 mph
21 mph
30+ mph
Post Race Review.

Well Niort did not go too badly but as you will see from the Prov. Result we do better
with a head wind than a tail wind, Im not sorry about that. Our Team of 6 arrived as
shown below, with 222 coming in first thing on day 2. The Mealy, 917, has not yet
put in an appearance although I am sure he will unless he has met with an accident
of course. Our first pigeon is provisionally about 91st although I am sure there will
be many more in front on the final result. I have not submitted times for any races
this year so far mainly because I have been doing the B.B.C. web site in the evening
which does not allow much time.

1. GB 09 J 31665    Blue Chequer Cock      1333.592    
2. GB 08 R 45948    Blue Chequer Cock      1210.497   
3. GB 07 V 44141    Dark Pied Cock            1173.566     
4. GB 09 J 31666    Blue Chequer Cock      1044.511    
5. GB 05 N 07222   Red Pied Cock               576.111      
6. GB 08 R 45917   Mealy Cock      awaits.

So we now move on to the two main races of the year Tarbes, the test for the two
year olds, in two weeks followed by Barcelona in four. It is now a time for rest and
feed and I start tomorrow with a weeks treatment of Coxoid which is for coccidiosis
and acts as a kind of boost. They are being fed breeding mix for a few days and then
change over to race mix to build up the Tarbes Team of three, whose relative
performance over 3 races and 738 miles this year you can see below:

Tarbes Team.
GB 10 K 47202 Cock   Blue Chequer      97.7%
GB 10 K 47178 Cock   Blue Chequer      96.3%
GB 10 K 47175 Cock   Blue                    92.3%

So they go in that order on the sheet.

While the Barcelona Team, over 4 races and 1,104 miles this year, are as below,
except 917 of course who has not yet completed 3 and 828 miles:
Barcelona Team.
GB 08 R 45948 Cock   Blue Chequer     97.8%
GB 09 J 31665 Cock   Blue Chequer     97.5%
GB 07 V 44141 Cock   Dark Pied           97.0%
GB 09 J 31666 Cock   Blue Chequer     95.3%
GB 05 N 07222 Cock   Red Pied            94.0%
GB 08 R 45917 Cock   Mealy                 58.3%

GB08R45917 finally arrived at mid-day Wednesday and whilst having lost a little
weight he otherwise seemed perfectly fine. He will be entered for Barcelona and will
go subject to regaining weight and condition over the next couple of weeks.