B.B.C. Palamos 24th June 2011
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Well a full Team of eight pigeons has been entered for Palamos and go on the sheet in this order:


Clearly this order is total guesswork, although it is based largely on what they have done and achieved thus far only one pigeon has flown this sort of course or distance before and that is 222 who has flown both Perpignan and Barcelona, but slowly. I say course because up until now they have only ever flown across the relatively flat area of France away from the mountains that they will now have to find their way through. I can only refer you to the Barcelona page HERE to give you some idea of the challenge ahead.

The liberation itself takes place HERE at a little go cart track just outside the town. As they are liberated, they will rise to gather themselves for the journey home and  then, looking to the direction they know they have to choose, they will see in the distance the Pyrenees rising up to the sky while to the East lays the blue calm of the Mediterranean. For the first time in their lives they will have to make a judgement of how they are going to negotiate this obstacle and whichever way they choose it will be a deviation from the course they would like to take.

It is that decision as much as the distance itself which makes this such a challenge and based upon that will be decided whether TEAM RML continues or not because if they come through, or at least some of them come through with dignity if not honour then I will feel obliged to do all that I can to get them to the real race from these parts the Barcelona International. But if they fail then I think that will end our run. So it's Palamos or Vamos.

Friday June 24th 
We have a liberation at 0800 into a light North wind.

The other primary news is that the liberation site has been changed at the last minute and whilst the Club is obtaining new distances at this time I do not know the actual location so I cannot plot it yet.

420 pigeons were entered eventually, a number that some found disappointing but was really as many as could be expected I would have thought. I will be putting together a film about the race so I will leave details of route etc to that. We now begin the wait.
A web cam image from the front at Palamos at about the time of liberation.
0738 UK
21-22 mph
3 mph
Steve Appleby


The long distance races take place this weekend with the BBC racing from Palamos and the LSECC and CSCFC racing from Tarbes. Weather conditions through France are good with no rain forecast for the next couple of days. A rain belt will arrive from the west later today and will move across England tonight but France and the channel will not be affected leaving a good day for Saturday. Winds are light over southern and central France from the north west but change to a more westerly direction over northern  France and the channel with good visibility. At first light conditions at Tarbes and Palamos were overcast but by 06:30 the sky broke at Tarbes with the sun shinning. This allowed the convoy at Tarbes to be liberaed at 07:00 hours into a no wind situation clearing the site immediately racing into a light north westerly air flow. Conditions at Palamos have also improved and the BBC convoy was liberated at 08:00 hours into a north wind .
Winds very light from the north west over southern France changing to westerly over northern France and the channel.

1208 UK
1708 UK
Well we got one, only one so far but then there were only six home on that 2nd day. We have slipped from 3rd to 4th but that is still quite satisfactory.

GB 08 R 45948   17-44-36    687.489 mpm      751.847 ypm

26th June We now we have a second, 222 who you will see at No. 10.

27th June  We have two this morning 917, who I always expected to return but perhaps not for a couple of days, closely followed by 141 and you will find them at 24th and 25th at the moment. This means we have 50% of our entry in the top 6%, I must say I am quite happy with that.
GB08R45948  "DEORWINE" the morning after.
The B.B.C. Race Report is now available HERE.

The B.B.C. Result.

(Some may wonder why 917 and 141 do not figure in the final result, the answer is simple, they were not officially timed. After two days the clock was struck off so whilst their times of arrival were actually recorded it was, as those who are familiar with ETS will know, as trainers.)