L.S.E.C.C. Tarbes 24th June 2011
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We have a Team of four pigeons entered for Tarbes and they go on the sheet in this order:


Just as with Palamos this order is guesswork, but again it is based largely on what they have done and achieved thus far. None of these pigeons has been beyond about 300 miles making this the first real test of their long distance career. The challenge of Tarbes is really only the distance, especially with the L.S.E.C.C., as all the pigeons will be returning to a similar, limited area. It does not provide quite the challenge of the International but the course is the same and you can see it HERE.

Friday 24th June.  We have a liberation at 0700 into no wind, but I have no idea at this stage how many birds are entered.

0738 UK
6 mph
Steve Appleby


The long distance races take place this weekend with the BBC racing from Palamos and the LSECC and CSCFC racing from Tarbes. Weather conditions through France are good with no rain forecast for the next couple of days. A rain belt will arrive from the west later today and will move across England tonight but France and the channel will not be affected leaving a good day for Saturday. Winds are light over southern and central France from the north west but change to a more westerly direction over northern  France and the channel with good visibility. At first light conditions at Tarbes and Palamos were overcast but by 06:30 the sky broke at Tarbes with the sun shinning. This allowed the convoy at Tarbes to be liberaed at 07:00 hours into a no wind situation clearing the site immediately racing into a light north westerly air flow. Conditions at Palamos have also improved and the BBC convoy was liberated at 08:00 hours into a north wind .
Winds very light from the north west over southern France changing to westerly over northern France and the channel.

1208 UK
1708 UK
And at 7 pm it began to rain, not heavy but thick dark clouds, poor light and steady rain.

Saturday 25th June. Well at 0500 this morning it was still raining and nothing so far. There were four pigeons on the coast last night in the CSCFC and one in the LSECC.

Well eventually some got home.

                               Time               mpm          ypm

GB 08 R 45987     12-23-45      691.778      756.53
GB 09 J 31665      14-43-22      626.667      685.33
GB 09 J 31664      16-20-58      587.980      643.02

As you can see from the Provisional result below we sit presently at 16th Open and 5th Section with our 2nd and 3rd pigeons possibly before the next in Section.

Final Result.