L.S.E.C.C. Tarbes 22nd June 2012
-XC Windmap UK--XC Windmap France-
We have a Team of three pigeons entered for Tarbes and they go on the sheet in this order:


This order is guesswork, but it is based largely on what they have done and achieved thus far. None of these pigeons has been beyond about 300 miles making this the first real test of their long distance career. The challenge of Tarbes is really only the distance, especially with the L.S.E.C.C., as all the pigeons will be returning to a similar, limited area. It does not provide quite the same challenge as the International, because of the number of pigeons and the diversity of routes they will take, but for us it is over the same course.


Friday 22nd June 2012 the birds were liberated at 0655. Very little wind in the area of liberation or throughout Southern France. As they progress to middle and northern France the wind is likely to gather strength from the South and as it builds in strength take more direction from the west.
0738 UK
Well with the wind as it was they came along at quite a speed with the winner on a velocity of 1339.098ypm. Despite the fact that pigeons should therefore have arrived on the day returns are quite thin and as at 0800 this morning (Day 2) the early times run from that 1339.09 down to 19th on 829.892. Where are ours? Well we have got one  as you might guess number three on the nominations, GB10K47175, who arrived at 05-52-20 this morning to give a velocity if 1014.23ypm but I am afraid I did not get there in time to verify so he remains untimed. We await the other two.

Well the second, GB10K47178, arrived at 10-24-10 giving him a velocity of about 797ypm. Again he was not formally timed. The pigeon that went as No 1 has not returned, he might of course but it goes to show that you cannot really tell if those that perform well at shorter distances can perform at longer distances until they actually do it. You can see the sort of positions these two pigeons could have taken from the Provisional Result.