L.S.E.C.C. Tours 28th May 2011
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This week, Saturday 28th May, it is Tours 291 miles and 412 yards and the last of the training races. Tours is just short of 300 miles and should provide a good final workout before they  go to their main race. Twelve pigeons have been entered that is the whole old bird TEAM less "661" who is injured and though recovering well will not race again this year and "237" who was late back and might have been missing permanently and so was left off the entry. If he seems fit enough "237" may go to Poitiers and then Palamos. Below is a photo of the liberation point at Tours taken by Keith Mott, President of the L.S.E.C.C.
Marking went well and all 12 candidates seem to be up and ready for the challenge.

Saturday 28th May.   Again I could not find the liberation time on the L.S.E.C.C. web site, so perhaps it was not me before, but I did find it on Steve Appleby’s weather update so we know it was 0630 with very little wind about until they reach the channel.

Steve Appleby


Cloud has cascaded over England from the west during the night in the form of a weak weather front carrying a little light patchy rain. The south east of England should remain relatively dry all day but further west, more in the way of the patchy drizzle will be seen over Wales and the West Country. This front will weaken as the day progresses before eventually dissipating by about 17:00 hours this evening. Another front moves in from the west during Saturday night giving a repeat performance of the weather conditions for Sunday over England. France is under clear blue skies and the channel is affected by some thin high cloud. So assessing the flight from France to England the overall conditions are good. Pigeons will race under clear blue skies over France until they encounter high broken cloud over the channel. Winds over France light and variable but will strengthen mainly from the west over the channel and southern England. Visibility is excellent up to 11 miles as recorded by the Greenwich Lightship moored mid channel.

LSECC liberated from Tours at 06:30

BICC liberated from Alencon at 06:30

SMT liberated from Alencon at 07:00


Weather : Mainly high broken cloud

Max : 16 °C

Visibility : Good.

Wind : West sometimes southwest mainly moderate F4.
26 mph
0808 UK
Sunday 29th May. Briefly I am quite happy with the way the first four came, and not at all disappointed with the rest. I had just hoped, and truthfully expected, that two of the two year olds, 665 and 666, would have been a little quicker. If you look at the provisional result you will see quite a few pigeons well in front of ours, what you must remember is that a lot of the pigeons in this race will have been of the type and sent prepared to win this race at 300 miles while ours were sent as trainers for a 700 mile race.
Now the preparation begins for the real races B.B.C. Palamos and L.S.E.C.C. Tarbes.