L.S.E.C.C. Tours 26th May 2011
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This week, Saturday 26th May, it is Tours 291 miles and 412 yards and the third of the training races. Tours is just short of 300 miles and should provide a good final workout for the Tarbes Team before they  go to their main race. Eleven pigeons have been entered that is the whole old bird TEAM. The Barcelona Team may go to the BBC Niort race in two weeks but much depends on this race. At the moment quite a strong East wind is forecast in the channel which could make it very hard and they have had two quite stern test up to now. This east wind has also provoked talk of them being brought back to a shorter race point, so everything is in the air.

Below is a photo of the liberation point at Tours taken by Keith Mott, President of the L.S.E.C.C.
Marking went well and all 11 candidates seem to be up and ready for the challenge although the entry is down due to both the losses that have been experienced and the thought of an east wind.

Saturday 26th May 2012

The pigeons were liberated at 0530 into light easterly winds in France. The wind will strengthen in the channel but otherwise the weather seems good.
Tours  13 mph
0738 UK
0738  UK
Well a slightly more successful race than had come to be expected. The wind on land stayed variable gusting to quite blowy at times which kept the temperature down on what would otherwise have been quite a hot day. While they came through quite well it was testing and so not to surprisingly the first pigeon to show was the No. 1 Cock GB08R45948 who timed in at 14:01:00 to produce a velocity of 1005 ypm. He was followed in as below:

GB 08 R 45948   14:01:00   1005.530 
GB 09 J 31665    14:29:17   952.794
GB 09 J 31666    15:25:08   863.380
GB 10 K 47202    15:39:12   843.444
GB 10 K 47178    16:15:57  795.458
GB 10 K 47175    17:11:37  732.346
GB 05 N 07222    17:22:21  721.311

So at this time we have four still adrift but hopefully they should show this evening or early tomorrow.

Sunday 27th May 2012

The two Barcelona candidates 141 and the Mealy were present first thing this morning so that almost completes the Team. As you will see from the provisional result below the Team did not perform too badly and I will detail their relative performance etc later.