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Hello and welcome to TEAM RML.

The original concept in this endeavour was, through forming a partnership, to bring together several individuals to race a team in a few selected International Races in 2010. Most of these individuals would continue racing as individuals in some form or other but, due to varying circumstances, most also had some impediment to International Racing in 2010.

London Region of the R.P.R.A. found it impossible to allow the formation of the partnership. So the group decided to continue unencumbered by partnership regulation but otherwise with things remaining much the same.

Beyond that the concept is simple, one loft and one team of pigeons. In this case all the pigeons come from one loft and in this particular instance it is only anticipated that they will race for a couple of years. They could of course be drawn from several and in a long term plan they could be bred and acquired progressively by the Team. They will be prepared and trained by one individual. The group however will participate in all discussions and decisions as things progress. Public information will be maintained in a detailed way with training and race reports carried on this web site while additional information and discussion between group members taking place through Newsletters.

This sort of endeavour can provide a sense of contact and participation for those who are unable to participate directly themselves due to illness, misfortune, location or a number of other circumstances. That really is the main purpose here to keep a few who are interested, and perhaps facing difficulties, in touch with a sport they love, and if it manages to do that TEAM RML will be a success  regardless of how well the pigeons perform.

In 2010 the TEAM managed a creditable performance from the Tarbes International competing with the N.F.C., and a full history of the season can be found HERE.

In 2011 the TEAM managed a creditable performance from The British Barcelona Club Palamos Race which can be followed on the Newsheet 2011 and TEAM 2011, while 2012 progress can be found from the links below.

Loft:-           LN7913
B.B.C.:-        D279
L.S.E.C.C.:-  NE3213
The 2012 Races.
B.B.C. Carentan L.S.E.C.C. Alencon B.B.C Messac L.S.E.C.C. Tours B.B.C. Poitiers B.B.C Palamos L.S.E.C.C. Tarbes
2011 Races.
B.B.C. Carentan 2012 B.B.C. Messac 2012 L.S.E.C.C. Tours 2012 B.B.C. Niort 2012 L.S.E.C.C. Tarbes 2012 B.B.C. Barcelona 2012